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Where the Destination is as much Fun as the Journey!!

The Annapolis Leather Barn is OPEN YEAR ROUND at the same great location outside of ANNAPOLIS ROYAL, at 9527, #8 Highway, Lequille, Nova Scotia, Hwy 101 (Exit 22) or Hwy #1 or Hwy #201 or Hwy #8.

Join the Annapolis Leather Barn Gift Registry!! You can create your own list of motorcycle gear, wear and accessories that you would wear and enjoy throughout your riding adventures. Let your friends and family know they can shop here for you without having to guess the styles, sizes and colors that work best for you!!!

Gift Certificates and Lay-Aways are Available!!

January 2015 ~ Hayy Leather Barn Fans ~ I am now offering patch sewing services. Now is the time of year to get those kinda to-do's done, so drop by Thursday to Monday.

Thank you for visiting the Annapolis Leather Barn!!!